Saturday, February 6, 2016

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Find That Inner Unique And Eccentric You With This Colorful Tea Dress!

Who wants to blend in when you definitely can stand out? I absolutely love unique pieces that don’t only look beautiful but also feel comfortable. Comfort over style always, I should say. But it’s really hard to find these of kind pieces but once you find one, it usually comes with a very pricey cost. But there’s always an exception — if you know how and where to look for one. Be more inclined to stand out than to blend in with this dress that’s pretty unique and eccentric.

I recently found this online shop that sells dresses that are very affordable and yet still so beautiful. And I definitely found this unique one. This DRESS is best fit for women like me who want the unique and fun look without the expensive cost. The printed buttons on the fabric is a cutesy and colorful detail. It’s not over the top but it’s also not just the simple type. The drape and structure of this dress is to die for which is very appropriate with the print on the fabric. It’s made of polyester so it’s very lightweight and does not crease easily. It is currently available in the sizes S M L XL.


This dress is very much affordable too! It is currently priced at PHP 807 (82% Off) which originally was at PHP 4458, you definitely get to save about PHP 3651! A pretty nice deal for a pretty nice dress indeed! Bigger discounts await to those who are currently subscribed to the website through free coupon codes which you can use on your purchases.

Your payments can be transacted with a 100% guaranteed safe method through PayPal and expect to receive your item in just a matter of 3-5 days done by Express Shipping.

Get a wider closet selection of dresses form the hottest trends to the classic styles just by clicking on this LINK.


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    Our facebook group “selfless” is spending this month spreading awareness on prostate cancer & research with a custom t-shirt design. Purchase proceeds will go to, as listed on the shirt and shirt design.



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