Thursday, July 14, 2016

It Blogger Aimee Song is SM Makati’s New Brand Ambassador

Now who doesn’t know Aimee Song, the blogger behind Song Of Style? I’ve been reading her blog since she started in 2008 and hers is one of the few that I religiously follow which made me start my own blog (yup, this one you're reading now) in 2009.

I'm back!!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Valentine's Day dress selections on

Look Casually Chic And Sexy With This Black And White Mini Short Korean Dress!

If you want to don on a classic yet simple and elegant look, this DRESS is definitely for you! The structure and silhouette of this dress is perfect because it further enhances the shape and curves of the body at exactly the right places. It can be worn at a casual gala night summer party or an evening out with your best friends. If you want, you can also wear it to an intimate date night with your special someone. Because of its simplicity, it becomes very versatile yet trendy at the same time. I especially like that it can be mixed and matched with staple accessories that is already in your closet like a fine leather jacket, when the night gets chilly, a bold statement necklace to add a dash of sparkle and extra sophistication or a pair of dangling sparkly earrings with your hair up to highlight your beautiful face even more.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Need a dress for Valentine's Day? Visit!

Find That Inner Unique And Eccentric You With This Colorful Tea Dress!

Who wants to blend in when you definitely can stand out? I absolutely love unique pieces that don’t only look beautiful but also feel comfortable. Comfort over style always, I should say. But it’s really hard to find these of kind pieces but once you find one, it usually comes with a very pricey cost. But there’s always an exception — if you know how and where to look for one. Be more inclined to stand out than to blend in with this dress that’s pretty unique and eccentric.

I recently found this online shop that sells dresses that are very affordable and yet still so beautiful. And I definitely found this unique one. This DRESS is best fit for women like me who want the unique and fun look without the expensive cost. The printed buttons on the fabric is a cutesy and colorful detail. It’s not over the top but it’s also not just the simple type. The drape and structure of this dress is to die for which is very appropriate with the print on the fabric. It’s made of polyester so it’s very lightweight and does not crease easily. It is currently available in the sizes S M L XL.

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