Monday, June 18, 2012

SKINS -- Get the look! (Fashion tutorial): Dress like Katie Fitch, Grace Blood, Effy Stonem and Mini McGuinness

Here's part 2 of our blog collaboration! My blogger friends and I will show you how to dress like these characters. This is how we interpreted their unique styles, of course you may have a different one. :)

Second generation

Third generation

First up: Katie Fitch from the 2nd generation. 

Katie's strong personality shows through her personal style. She loves her bold statement jewelries.

Here's how we imitated her outfit from the photo above:

Nadine wears a black lace top (not clearly seen) from It's Vintage Darling, nude high-waisted wide-legged shorts (it looks like a skirt!) Vintage from my mom, Random black patterned stockings, Nadine's black pumps and Random bold jewelries.

This look is wearable for work or school. You may want to tone down the accessories if you want to but it's no longer "Katie" if you do. The louder, the better.

Keep these in mind: Bold statement jewelries, headbands, anything lace and anything colorful!

Next: Grace Blood from the 3rd generation

Grace is very prim and proper and has a girly personal style but she also has a wild side.

Here's our take on her outfit from the photo above:

Des wears a white chiffon flowy dress from Forever21, black fur shrug/cape from Paris, Random black belt and pearl accessories.

This look is perfect for school, a casual day or even for church. Very girly.

Keep these in mind: Anything girly, prints, dresses, pearls, furs and frills!

Next: Effy Stonem from the 2nd generation

Effy is a femme fatale and a rebel. She has a very edgy, grunge, semi-goth, rocker chick style.

Here's our take on her outfit from the photo above:

I wore a black tank top from It's Vintage Darling, Random black shorts and fishnet stockings, Janeo boots (I don't have combat boots--still looking for a pair!), Vintage and random jewelries.

This look is not for the faint-hearted especially if you live in our area (you'll receive lots of weird stares from people heh) unless you got swag and can pull it off then go ahead! This can be your go-to everyday look but (in my opinion) it'll be better if it's a "going out at night" outfit or a themed party outfit.

Keep these in mind: Dark colors (especially black), very short dresses, quirky T-shirts, leather jackets, denim, miniskirts, ripped jeans/legging/fishnets, combat boots/any black flat boots, Converse sneakers and long dangly/chunky jewelries.

Next: Mini McGuinness from the 3rd generation

Mini is the queen bee. She is popular, powerful, sweet but also insecure about herself.

Here's how we interpreted her outfit from the photo above:

Tisha wears a black cutout top (not clearly seen) from It's Vintage Darling, Tisha's sequined jacket, printed skirt and nude pumps and Vintage jewelries.

This look is perfect for an evening event or a "going out at night" outfit but if you can pull it off as a day outfit, why not?

Keep these in mind: Shorts or a short skirt over knee length leggings, cropped top, jacket, pink/magenta, sequins, pearls, golds and anything sparkly!

(c) The inspiration photos do not belong to any of us, we got them from google. We only claim ownership to photos from our shoot. 

So what do you think? Did we nail it? Are you a Katie, Grace, Effy or Mini? Tell me about your style in the comments section. ;)

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Stay tuned for part 3!

Take care everyone!
Xoxo, Em 


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