Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Post-graduation from fashion school, internships and job

Life update! I know I promised myself I'll do better on this blog but I really am having a hard time finding balance among work, blog, life and everything else. So I'm not going to promise anything anymore but I will try my best to post new content here whenever I can.

Here's a little story time: As I've shared here before, I graduated from my associate degree program in Fashion Design and Marketing with a short course in Fashion Styling from SoFA Design Institute (School of Fashion and the Arts) last April 2016. Right after my graduation, I took a bit of a break from life and disconnected myself from the rest of the world. Come June, I decided it was time to start my internship which was a requirement for me to complete my program despite having already graduated a few months back. Since we are a fashion college, we do our graduation in a special way. Every March (or April in our case), the school holds an annual graduation fashion show for all graduating students of the Fashion Design and Marketing program.

My graduation collection!

Post-show ~ The only solo picture I have during my graduation day :(

I began to intern for Rosenthal Tee, a Filipino international designer who was based in Manila, Philippines at the time I was an intern but currently in New York (I heard she's expanding her brand there). It was a fun yet different experience for me. Different because my style and design aesthetic are a total opposite from hers but I really wanted to go out of my comfort zone. I learned a lot from the 2 months that I worked with her.
Our workspace and my co-interns/classmates/batchmates!
We created 3D embellishments and browsed through a lot of the designer's sketches!
Rosenthal Tee during the Fashion Exchange International, June 2016 ~ (Will share on another post)

In August and September, I applied for a part time work at one of the most sought after luxury brand here in the Philippines (and the world), Louis Vuitton, and finally started working by November 2016. Those months of waiting for the outcome made me so anxious! But I'm really glad and thankful that I got the job.
With my colleagues! Working even on holidays.
I'm currently on my 3rd month with LV as a client advisor. I'm very much happy and grateful for this job. There's still so much more to learn but right now, I'm just trying to soak everything in, learn as much as I can and contribute to the team while having fun. I guess I am doing well so far!
With our Team Manager. So sad he had to leave the company though. He was a great mentor!
I'm looking forward to my vacation in April! I need a little breather from work so that I can come back refreshed and recharged.

I am currently in bed as I am typing this; recuperating from a viral infection, nursing a really bad toothache and allergic rhinitis. I should rest now because I am finally coming back to work after 2 days of being gone. I must be optimistic that I will be better and ready to take on new challenges at work!

More updates soon. I will talk more about my entire fashion school journey, what it was like studying in SoFA (School of Fashion and the Arts), looking for fashion internships and landing fashion jobs.

I have a collaboration post with a brand coming up next. Keep posted!

That's all for now :)
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Take care everyone!

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