Sunday, February 7, 2016

Valentine's Day dress selections on

Look Casually Chic And Sexy With This Black And White Mini Short Korean Dress!

If you want to don on a classic yet simple and elegant look, this DRESS is definitely for you! The structure and silhouette of this dress is perfect because it further enhances the shape and curves of the body at exactly the right places. It can be worn at a casual gala night summer party or an evening out with your best friends. If you want, you can also wear it to an intimate date night with your special someone. Because of its simplicity, it becomes very versatile yet trendy at the same time. I especially like that it can be mixed and matched with staple accessories that is already in your closet like a fine leather jacket, when the night gets chilly, a bold statement necklace to add a dash of sparkle and extra sophistication or a pair of dangling sparkly earrings with your hair up to highlight your beautiful face even more.


I love that this dress is in a body con style which is very form fitting. It is made of polyester so its expected to be very comfortable and lightweight. Currently, it is only available in the color combination Black and White. I also like that the White tone is used as a subtle shape enhancer to this number. Sizes available are M L XL.

This dress is definitely worth it not only because of its very simple yet beautiful design but also because of its current price discount! It is now priced at PHP 549 (85% Off) which originally was  priced at PHP 3771. With the current discount, you get to save as much as PHP 3222! Avail of additional discounts if you subscribe to the website, just click on this LINK, and get free coupon codes that you can use on your current and next purchases.

Through PayPal and Express Shipping, you definitely get to be assured that the payment and shipping within 3-5 days, are both equally fast, simple, and very much reliable.

What are you waiting for? PURCHASE NOW!

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