Monday, November 16, 2015

Black, white and red

Long time no update! But I'm back with an outfit post courtesy of 
White halter top - Get it here
Invisible low-cut socks - Get it here
Layered choker necklaces - Get it here
I was channeling a ninja (but not really lol) with this look. I also styled this outfit for my Fashion Styling class ~ more about that and school in separate posts. Anyway, was generous enough to send me some of the stuff I'm wearing as listed above. Don't you love the invisible socks? I do. It gives a much more interesting vibe to the outfit. I should probably get more of those, eh? Btw, I already own the drop crotch pants and red platforms which I don't even remember where I got from. Sorry!

I also apologize for posting this way too late. I've been caught up with school and as most of you may know, fashion school isn't a breeze. I had been so focused with school projects, short internships and gigs. I'm currently in my last semester in school and I'm hoping to graduate on March 2016 with a graduation show collection to prepare for so forgive me for not putting much effort on the blog and the Youtube channel as well. I will try to update as often as I can though.

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