Tuesday, December 30, 2014

N.Cat Philippines, Alabang Branch

Due to the success of N.Cat's first grand store opening in Park Square, Makati (read more here), they are continuing to grow and has now opened their second branch in Festival Mall, Alabang which I was very fortunate to attend. Here are some photos!

Cupcake top from bazaar | Stilesclothing shorts | Forever21 leather jacket | Luscious closet hologram platforms | Backpack from mom | Random jewelry

I arrived to the store really late in the afternoon (screw traffic and commuting) yet it was still jam-packed with people of all ages both females and males, which was quite a surprise for me considering it's an accessory/jewelry store for girls. They were probably getting gifts for the holiday season. :) N.Cat is perfect if you're looking for presents because of their vast selection of accessories! They have rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair ties, hats, purses, sunnies, phone cases, etc. at an affordable price.

Thanks again, N.Cat for inviting me to your second grand store opening! It's always an adventure browsing around and shopping at your store! I was able to get some gifts for my friends and siblings too. :) Thank you also, Miss MG!

N.Cat is located at the Ground Floor of Festival Mall, Alabang just beside Japan Home Center. Come visit them!

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