Friday, January 9, 2015


First post of the year is an outfit of the day! I wanted to post something special but I don't have any ideas yet aside from a blog makeover (more on that soon!) and I haven't blogged about an OOTD for so long, sooo here it is.

Old Navy shirt | DIY distressed denim shorts | Random flannel shirt | Forever21 boots and socks | H&M beanie | Random jewelry
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On my first day of school in 2015, I opted to be casual and laid-back because I didn't feel like dressing up. So much for starting the year right haha! Anyway, just a little trivia: this top is called a raglan sleeve shirt or simply a raglan shirt and not a baseball shirt as some of you may have thought. I didn't know its name until it was discussed in my Fashion Merchandising and Buying class. :)

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you again for the love and support. I'll do my best to deliver good content and keep this blog alive. I'm looking forward to more milestones this 2015!

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Take care everyone!


Let me know what you think of this post. Thanks for visiting my blog! Love, Em. xx ♥

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