Thursday, November 8, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week S/S '13 | Russell Villafuerte

Whew I've got so many backlogs so here's another entry. I'll have another one later or tomorrow.

The next collection is by Russell Villafuerte.

An Interior Design graduate from University of the Philippines who works as a graphic designer and fashion designer.

I couldn't find his designer profile but I got that tidbit from Project Runway Philippines Season 2 Wikipedia page which he was a contestant.

The collection is mostly composed of blacks and whites with hints of tribal prints and patterns.

I like how the leather and sheer gave a tough and sexy vibe to the pieces. Definitely something I'll wear. :)

Thanks to the sheerness, this dress is still pretty classy even with a huge slit right in the middle of the chest area. It's perfect if you want to be sexy without showing too much.

Leather vest! I think of it as a motorcycle vest. Is it just me? And who knew that it would look great when paired with a dainty maxi skirt? :)

This looks like a mullet skirt worn sideways to me. Is it?

The flowy and sheer fabrics played with the tough vibe given by the dark colors and the leather.

(Photos taken by me)

People with an edgy style or tribal print lovers would most likely wear these clothes. It's fashion forward and unique. Even I can't get enough of those prints!

To know more about him, check his site.

Stay tuned for more!

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