Monday, November 5, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week S/S '13 | Melchor Guinto

Yes, I'm on a roll! I need to finish my PhFW posts before I can blog about Iloilo Designers Week. For the love of blogging and fashion. :)
Next up is Melchor Guinto.

I couldn't find his designer profile. Anyway, let's move on with the photos

This dress gives you enough sexiness without going over the top. If you're into deep necklines but want to stay classy, go for this one.

Color blocking! We can't get enough of it, yes?

What is preppy without checked prints?

I really love the super low back and soft flow of this dress.

More checks.

The striped dress really caught my attention. I love the mullet-ish bottom part of it.

(Photos taken by me)

This is a really fun collection. So preppy and modern! I'm thinking of stocking up on checked prints again. :)

P.S. I have a couple more posts of the other collections before I blog about what I wore during the event. Stay tuned!

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Take care everyone!


  1. Pretty nice collection , lovely and great pictures !

    XX Luba

    Well Living Blog

  2. Looks like a stunning collection! Loving all the checks in the menswear section. xx

  3. I love love love the collection! Very simple yet very elegant! Great job in taking the photos too! I'm so glad I came across your blog. I hope you can pay a visit to mine too xx


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