Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I never meant to start a war

Military inspired jacket courtesy of (link of exact item here) | Forever 21 dotted bodysuit and leather leggings | Gifted platform shoes | Random jewelry
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I couldn't think of a proper title for this post but yup, you guessed it! I am blasting a Miley Cyrus song as I type this. Comment below the title of the song! Of course, we all know that! :) 

Tisha and I shot this look on a gloomy day while we were out catching up with each other. I spent almost everyday of my vacation in my hometown with her. Gahhh I missed my blogger bff!

Okay, going back to the outfit. I thought the silhouette of the jacket balanced the "sexiness" of the bodysuit; and to keep the focus on the jacket, I kept it simple and wore my leather leggings. Not only are they comfortable but I like how the made me look tall! Well the platform shoes were responsible for the added height too.

What do you think of this look?

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