Friday, October 18, 2013

Small Fortunes Paid for Sneakers

Sneakers can turn out costing a pretty penny. While many of us are content with buying something comfortable and sensible like a set of fitflops, there are people prepared to spend a small fortune on sneakers. However, even they might hesitate when they find out just how much these next pairs of sneakers cost.

1. Nike Dunk Low Pro SB “Paris”

While these sneakers do include a interesting and unique design, that is certainly not why is them so valuable. It really is simply regarding the rarity - only 202 pairs of which were made. Those who managed to secure a pair whenever it arrived could turn a serious profit nowadays as you couple of these Nikes can go for $3,500.

2. Nike Dunks dipped in gold

It is actually pretty obvious why these sneakers are really expensive - they are dipped in gold entirely. That alone pushes their value to $5,400. Other than that, there isn’t anything else noteworthy on them. They may be a typical pair of Nike Dunks which can be obtainable for a much discounted price tag. If you were ever looking for something flashy that will brag people’s attention then these are the shoes for you, however.

3. Kobe Air Zoom with autograph

An autograph will usually increase the price of a specific thing, that is certainly standard. By Kobe Bryant directly after they were made, these shoes were a special limited edition which was autographed, however. Only 25 pairs were made as well as them were auctioned off, managing to choose up to $30,000 for only one pair.

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  1. Love that gold one! Cute!

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    1. Thanks, Priscilla! I'll head over to your blog. :)


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