Saturday, September 21, 2013

Iloilo Designers Week 2013 Day 3: Off the runway - Semi-androgynous?

Here are off the runway photos from Iloilo Designers Week Day 3. Read more about Day 1 here and here, Day 2 here and here and Day 3 here.

With the F. people (bloggers, designers, stylists, enthusiasts, fashionistas)
Here's what I wore:
Cutout dress (worn as top) and printed trousers from my FNO collection | Jewelry from a local accessories store (SNM) | Wedges from a Mall Bazaar

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I wanted to wear a few more pieces from my collection so I paired these two together. I'm glad it turned out well! I love how my whole outfit looked so edgy with all the cuts, prints and details going on. The manliness of the pants balanced my daring top (which is actually a dress tucked inside).

This is my last post about IDW 2013. I wasn't able to attend the designers' parade and gala night because I got sick. Booo. :(

What do you think of this look?

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Take care everyone!

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