Saturday, September 7, 2013

I got a pocketful of dreams

I just felt the need to post something unrelated to Iloilo Designers Week (IDW Day 3 will be up after this) for now, here's a normal outfit post.

Topshop cropped top | DIY high-waisted denim shorts | Cotton On long cardigan | Forever 21 stockings | Jewelry from a local accessories store (SNM) | Platform booties from a Mall Bazaar

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These pictures were actually taken a few months back before I had my bleached/dip-dyed hair but I wasn't able to blog about it because I forgot where I saved them. Oops.

This outfit was super comfortable and cozy despite the height of the shoes. I call this my Olsen outfit because I think it resembles the twins' current style. My favorite part of this outfit is my cardigan -- they're so soft I can practically sleep in them. How I wish we have the fall season here so I can wear this kind of outfits everyday. I could only get away with this during random cold or rainy days. What do you think of this look?

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Take care everyone!


  1. I love stockings + booties. Great outfit AND cool hair! :D I also wish the Philippines had colder seasons so I could wear what the people in New York usually wear. I think they're so stylish. Haha

    Maxinne ♥

    1. Aww thanks, Maxinne! Yes, NY fashion! :) Let's make the most out of our cold and rainy days instead. Haha!

  2. You look so great. I like your half-vintage style a lot

  3. Too cool and chic, love it! Love your hair! :) ♥

  4. Finally keeping up with your backlogs? Congrats! :) Haha. Love this outfit Em! Plus your legs look really long :)


    1. Yes Nads. Hahaha! Thank you! I love this outfit too. :)


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