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Iloilo Designers Week 2013 Day 1

It's that time of the year again. Iloilo Designers Week '13 is here! Read my posts from last year's IDW here, here and here; outfit posts here, here, here and here.

Iloilo Designers Week is now on its 2nd year. Talented designers from Iloilo showcased their collections during Days 1-3 of the event followed by a gala night on Day 4 featuring collections from Manila designers and finally, a parade of designers on Day 5.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Day 1 (August 21):

Premiere Visions

Bo Parcon Holiday 2013 "Pirates"

The prints remind me of water currents which is very true to its title since the whole collection is inspired by pirates. The cage-like straps toughen up the looks of the garments at the same time, the asymmetrical cuts of some pieces played up the toughness of the overall looks.

 Jaki Penalosa Holiday 2013 "Natura"

This collection is probably the most eco-friendly and nationalistic because it made use of the hablon which is a native product from our country. What better way to promote Philippine fashion than to use a proudly Philippine-made fabric, right? I like how the intricate designs kept the whole collection fashion forward. It simply shows that a lot can be done using native products.
 Doddie Vril Tan S/S Collection 2014 "Dernier Cri_20"

Origami, textures and details. What I love about this collection is that all the elements work well together. I personally am a sucker for textures, details and intricate cuts because the garments speak for themselves. Accessories are optional but not necessary. :)
John Montinola Holiday 2013-2014 "Underwater Aria"

This collection kind of reminds me of his collection last year because of the headgears but nevertheless, it's still one of my favorites from the first set. As I've said earlier, I love textures, details and intricate cuts so this one is no exception but my most favorite part is the back drama. It's definitely my cup of tea. (Keep posted for my outfits of the day during the event and you'll see. *wink)
(c) Paul Frederick Chiongson (I wasn't able to make it during the first set so I had to borrow these photos)

Elegant Luxe

PJ Aranador Summer 2014 Resort Collection "NeoColorite"

Playful and colorful -- Those are the words that I can describe this collection. I can see that neon is still a big trend this coming summer. Now I can't wait to go to the beach and soak up the sun in these fun colors.
DJohn Clement 

Textures overload. What I love about this collection is how the texture is made the main focus of it. The same color is used but in gradients. The ruffles and pleats are definitely the stars of the collection.
Franco Malay S/S 14 "Introspection"

This collection really stood out because of its minimalist silhouette. I like it because of the clean lines and it looks polished. The color black also gave it a classic look.
Mandy Salcedo

The whole collection is baroque-inspired. I like the cut-outs and interesting details of these pieces.

Evening Allure

Sidney Eculla

This is another favorite of mine. Last year, his collection was great but this time, it's even better. I like how he made use of painting techniques in his garments. Now who wouldn't want to be a bride if your wedding gown is as magical as the pieces from this collection? :)
Totong Gellangarin

Here is another culture-promoting collection. This collection shows native pieces with a twist therefore keeping it modern. Our country is indeed rich in culture and fashion so we should promote and use our own.
(c) Photos by me

Overall, it was a very fulfilling day. It was inspiring seeing the designs of talented Ilonggos and I'm glad I was able to witness it together with my fellow bloggers. What do you think of Day 1?

Off the runway photos are up next! Keep posted. :)

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