Monday, December 17, 2012

Pure 'n Fresh: Chic Picks | My entry - Spring overload

I know this is weird because it's Christmas season and we don't have spring in the Philippines, but as I've mentioned in this post, Pure n' Fresh had a contest which I joined. Thanks Dane for the information! 

So now, I'm sharing with you my entry. Also, I'll show you how I wore the JC Foxy Lita inspired heels courtesy of Fashioncookie Shoeavenue mentioned in this post. Thanks again, Cookie! :)

I chose the spring variant and worked around with the color pink. Whenever I think of spring, the words floral, ruffles, lace and crochet come to my mind. So I thought, why not put them all together? The result -- spring overload. And that's how my outfit came to be. :)

Please excuse my puffy eyes. I was sick and had just woken up.

Don't you think these lace crochet shorts are perfect for spring? :)

This cape-like top gave a flowy and breezy effect which added to the girliness of my outfit.

More outfit shots

Floral top and pink cape-like top from It's Vintage Darling

Stacked silver bracelets and love connector ring from a local accessories store | Pearl ring and bracelets from mom

Random butterfly necklace

Lace crochet shorts from a bazaar

Shoes courtesy of Fashioncookie Shoeavenue 

Please excuse my toenails!

I would've posted this on Lookbook and Chictopia but due to poor lighting and bad photo quality, I couldn't. These photos had been edited but they look crappy. :/ Sorry for the photo quality, I had to make do what I currently have. My camera was having problems and it's still under repair. I hope they can fix it as soon as possible so I can take decent photos.

P.S. I know my posts are always late but I'd like to share with you guys that I went to the recently concluded Bloggers United 4 bazaar at the World Trade Center. I promise, I'll publish it next. It's currently in drafts folder as I'm typing this. After the BU post, the IDW posts will resume. Also, I have a giveaway in store for you so stay tuned! ;)

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Take care everyone!


  1. HAHA beauty queen pose Em? Bagay! ^_^


    1. Haha thanks Nads! :) Budlay ipakita ang product eh. Hindi galing nami ang quality. Naguba bi cam ko. :/


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