Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dress to express, not to impress.

My friends CocoMarvoi and I went to Plazuela one afternoon where we bonded over fashion and food. These two are great designers! The weather was perfect so we decided to take outfits shots and afterwards, we satisfied our sweet cravings. What a perfect way to end our day. :)

Coco is on Lookbook and Tumblr

Marvoi is also on Lookbook and check out his site!

What I wore: Self-made beige blazer, It's Vintage Darling leopard tank top, Forever21 gold belt and magenta shorts, Artwork black flats, Black satchel sling bag from Singapore, Vintage accessories.

Sweet treats from Maridel's.

My favorite ice cream turtle pie. 

Just a casual fun day with friends. Before I end this post...

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Watch out for my next look post! It's definitely something to look forward to. ;)

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Take care!
Xoxo, Em 


  1. shorts and rings<3

  2. I Looove your t-shirt ♥

  3. Those purple shorts are to die for. And pairing them with the cheetah print shirt? Genius!
    Also I'm really excited to follow you! I actually saw your post on Chictopia and I hope you return the favor. It would mean so much coming from a style icon like you! (:

    xx Amber

    1. Hi Amber! I'm glad you liked this outfit post. The cheetah print is already fierce on its own, so why not pair it with a bright purple? Double fierce right? :) Btw thanks for following! I followed you back via gfc and bloglovin. You're so sweet for calling me a style icon, it really made my day. Let's keep in touch. Take care! ♥

  4. love your outfit! and that dessert looks YUMMY

    1. Hi Francesca! It was yummy! :) Thank you for your comment. I followed your blog via bloglovin. ♥


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