Sunday, November 23, 2014

Impreint: Portraits - Hello Manila

I participated in an art project collaboration called Portraits by an artist called Impreint to feature Manila. This is the result of a past project, a short stop-motion video of people holding a balloon shot in one location in London (watch it here). That video had good feedback so he made a second video featuring people from different parts of the world (watch it here). Now, he decided to run the project for a year (starting December 2013), this time with pictures which is about "unification, equality and hope". The project is currently on view in Notting Hill, London and there will be more exhibitions in different places in the world when the project concludes this December 2014.

Here's my take of the project featuring Manila:
Shoot # 1
Shoot # 2
Shoot # 3

I had to do 3 shoots because I had a bit of trouble choosing locations but good thing the artist liked the photo from the 3rd one featuring the MET Museum of Manila. The pictures are a way to present Manila (where I'm currently living) along with the other participants from all over the world representing their own countries. I'm really glad I was able to participate in a project like this and share a part of myself and my country to everyone.

Thank you for the opportunity, Impreint! It's such a great honor to be part of this. I can't wait to see the final output when this project is done. :)

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