Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Urban Decay giveaway by Sugar For Spike

Hey, all! Long time, no giveaway!
In lieu of their brand launch, Sugar For Spike and Urban Decay have teamed up for a giveaway wherein $500 worth of Urban Decay vouchers are up for grabs.

Sugar For Spike is pleased to announce the release of its debut collection editorial lookbook.
The inspiration behind the lookbook comes from two friends, looking for an escape from the perfectionism and commercialism of their city, where they stumble into a “secret” underground hangout to have a little carefree fun. 
Dancing and twirling throughout the night, and forgetting whom they are and what the world deems as appropriate behaviour, they end up discovering that the liberation from the night out will be one of the memories they will treasure about their youth. 
The collection is slated to release at select retailers and online at on 7th August 2014. The line is also available for pre-order now, with free international shipping. Closing date for pre-orders is 10th July 2014.

To join, just click this link and complete all the 3 steps. It's really fast and easy! Winners will be announced on 11th July 2014 20:00 GMT + 8 time.

Here are some photos from their lookbook!

Aren't they awesome? Watch out for their collection on 7th August 2014 at!

Join the giveaway now!

***Update: July 15, 2014 -- Giveaway is over***
Winners are announced on Sugar For Spike's Facebook page. Thanks for joining!

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