Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday party looks: 3 ways to style your classic white top

We all know how busy and crazy the holiday season is with all the shopping and food involved. Of course, no holiday is complete without the parties! Don't know what to wear? Fret not! Here are 3 looks that make use of one staple top styled in different ways.

I call this the minimalist no-nonsense elegant style.
A staple white top can definitely go a long way so better invest in something of good quality. Just because it's considered as staple doesn't mean it has to be plain. Go out of the ordinary and take a little risk on your style by exploring different cuts, fabrics and silhouettes.

Look #1 
"Pop of color"

A black and white combo isn't exactly new but you can add your own flavor to it by having a pop of color like these hot red pumps. The origami flaps of the skirt goes well with the architectural jewelry giving it a more contemporary vibe.

Look #2 
"Lady in white"
If you want to wear a dress but don't want to be restricted with your movement then separates are your best bet because they give the illusion of a single garment and also has the same clean lines. Pair it with your favorite black strappy heels and a diamond stud ring and you're ready to party while staying classy!

Look #3
"Shining star"
Don your top with the brightest bottoms that you own if you want to go all out and be the star of the party. Who says you can't wear gold and silver altogether? Fashion rules are meant to be broken so break all the rules if you must. ;)
All jewelry mentioned is from I was given a number of styles to choose from but the minimalist set is my favorite because it is my personal style and aesthetic. You can also do a lot with it so yes, they are versatile. 

If you're interested to see more, head over to Brilliant Earth now! They have a variety of jewelry and styles to choose from that would suit everyone.

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  1. Oooh my favourite was most definitely the first outfit! That black skirt definitely caught my eye :)

    1. I love the black skirt too! Thank you, Abigail! :)


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