Friday, December 6, 2013

Contemporary jewelry: Egyptian and Roman inspired pieces

As I've mentioned in this post, I was doing a contemporary Egyptian inspired accessory project for our History of Design: Clothing Evolution class. After that, we were asked to make a contemporary Roman inspired laurel wreath/head piece. Here's my final output!
My contemporary Egyptian inspired harness necklace (top) and contemporary Roman inspired laurel wreath/head piece (bottom) projects.

The necklace actually goes a little below the chest area. I wanted it to look like a modern take on the Egyptian bib/collar. On the other hand, the head piece is also a modern wreath or crown. I bent the wires into leaf shapes and then grouped into sections as I attached them onto the gold ring which is the base.

These took up most of my time (aside from my other class projects) because they are very intricate and I haven't made any jewelry recently unlike before so I was getting used to it all over again. The chains, rings and wires left my fingers rough, ugly and scarred though. Must get a manicure as soon as possible. Haha!

I haven't worn them with any outfits yet so I'll probably share that on another post. That's all for now. More school updates soon! :)

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Take care everyone!

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