Saturday, November 23, 2013

To the moon and back

I can't believe it's been a week since my last update. To make up for it, I will have a couple of posts up consecutively. I hope that would do. You all know how crazy schedule is and I'm not intentionally neglecting this blog so please hang in there! :)

Here's an outfit that I wore last week. Wednesday is our longest school day of the week and that is when I would usually end up very tired at the end of the day. We had History of Design: Clothing Evolution class in the morning which is really interesting because we get to learn about the roots of fashion. More about that soon. In the afternoon we have Pattern Making and Sewing class. sent me 2 tops recently and this is one of them. I wore the moon shirt because the weather was gray that day and I thought it kind of resembled the color of the moon on my shirt. I had to wear a cardigan since I'm always cold. Probably because I'm too skinny and I don't have enough fat to keep me warm. Boo.
This burgundy skirt gave a pop of color to my monochromatic outfit making it a little less boring.
Skater skirts have been my obsession for quite a while now. I like wearing them because they're comfortable and flattering for me. It gave me the illusion of having curves even though I don't have much. It can be also flattering for girls who have a bit of tummy since it can easily conceal the waist area or can be high-waisted if you pull it up. 
Can I just take a moment and say how much I love these cutout booties?! They're officially my new fave. :)
 Moon graphic shirt courtesy of Frontrowshop Cotton On skater skirt | Uniqlo long cardigan | Forever 21 beanie | SNM jewelry | Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane cutout booties
You may hype/vote this look on Lookbook and Chictopia!

Get the look:
Shirt - Short vest printed with eclipse -- Link from here
Cardigan -- Similar here
Skater skirt -- Similar here
Cutout booties -- Link here

What do you think of this look?

I'm currently working on some school projects and I will share them with you as soon as they're done. Hopefully I'll have more time to blog. For now, I am still getting used to my class schedule and the amount of work that we have every week. I could probably squeeze in some blogging time here and there pretty soon.

Head over to to see more fashionable clothes at very inexpensive prices!

That's all for now folks! Keep posted for a couple more blog entries.

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Take care everyone!


  1. amazing hair and shoes!! i adore your hat and the color of your skirt!!

  2. Your hair is so gorgeous omg. I'm in love with this outfit! The shoes are perfection :)

    I'd love to hear your opinion on my latest post at :)


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