Monday, October 28, 2013

Philippine Fashion Week S/S '14 | Day 3: Peony print jacket

As I am typing this, Philippine Fashion Week S/S '14 is already over. I attended PhFW at the SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia from Days 3-5 with my blogger and designer friends (Day 3 with designer Marvoi and Days 4-5 with designers/bloggers Ron and Yen). Too bad Rei, Ryan, Josh and Jadel weren't able to join us. Fpeople Team Iloilo was incomplete but nevertheless, this has become a yearly habit for us with the exception of last season because we all had previous engagements to attend to over the summer. (Ryan was the only one who was able to attend fashion week last May). It was fun watching the shows with them. Now I can't wait for the coming seasons!

I was so late that I didn't make it in time for Lee's show at 5:30 PM so I opted to wait for the 8:30 show instead featuring the collections of Albert Andrada, Eric Delos Santos, Jerome Salaya Ang, Jun Jun Cambe, Norman Noriega, and Raoul Ramirez. My camera was acting up while I was watching the show so please forgive the photo quality.
With Marvoi and Cara!
I got these babies in the mail from as I was getting ready for the show. Talk about timing! I had to wear the bomber jacket just because I was way too excited. Haha.
I paired my floral jacket with a bright top because I think the colors look great together. I also felt the need to wear something bold because uhhm duh, it's fashion week! :)
I wore these wedges to give me that extra lift because I know I'll be lost in a sea of tall people yet I wanted to stay comfy so my best bet were wedges.
More photos from Cara's phone. Sorry for the quality! loose chiffon top | Floral bomber jacket courtesy of | Cotton On shorts | SNM jewelry | Mall bazaar wedges and backpack
You may hype/vote this look on Lookbook and Chictopia!

Get this look:
Top - Already sold out. Sorry, I couldn't find any similar links.
Bomber jacket: link here. I got the Peony print. Also available in Narcissus print.
Shorts: No exact link. Similar herehere and here (Use the code: ZBAPEWt). 
Wedges: No exact link. Similar here and here.

No individual reviews of the collections this season because I don't have legit photos from my camera and it doesn't feel right for me to do reviews without them. However, I must say that my favorite from the show were Albert Andrada's sheer cuts and patterns, Jerome Salaya Ang's impeccable details, Norman Noriega's minimalism, and Raoul Ramirez's glamorous sequined frocks. Head over to's gallery for complete photos of the collections.

What do you think of my PhFW Day 3 outfit? Is it a yay or nay?

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Take care everyone!


  1. Fashion Week looks amazing! And your outfit is super cute, in love with the jacket :)

  2. Love the hair and the bomber jacket dear ♥

    Michael Macalos


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