Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nail color of the week: Purplish brown

I've been neglecting this blog for a while now and I feel really bad because of it. Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm actually on my term break (I know, I should have more time to blog) but I just moved here in Manila for good because I'm starting school in 10 days. I am still getting settled so I don't really have that much time to sit and blog my heart out. My past posts were pre-scheduled but I now have a few minutes to kill so here is a quick update.

I'm kind of in a "fall mood" even if we don't have that season here in my country. This is the perfect fall color for me and I love it! I think it will look good on any skin color.

I realized that I haven't blogged anything beauty related lately. Let me know what nail or hair tutorial should I do next in the comments section.

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Take care everyone!

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