Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Iloilo Designers Week 2013 Day 1: Off the runway - B&W

Now that you've seen the collections, here are some off the runway photos and my outfit of the day. Click here if you haven't seen the photos of the collections from Day 1 yet.

Front row seats for us bloggers! L-R: Coco aka Rei, Marvoi, Me, Ryan, Josh, Muke, Banasa and Tisha.
Obligatory after show photo-op in front of this wall.
Here's what I wore:
Self-made backless top and origami skorts | Forever21 jewelry | It's Vintage Darling blazer | Celine caged heels | Vintage cross-body bag
You may hype/vote this look on Lookbook and Chictopia!

I honestly didn't know what to wear for Day 1 so, I paired these pieces together because you can never go wrong with black and white. I always love wearing my own designs since not only do I show my personal style but I also get to share with people what I'm capable of doing. You all know how much I love cutouts and backless pieces -- it gives a bit of surprise to everyone because it looks modest up front but super revealing at the back. Haha. What do you think of this look?

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Take care everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Christine! I really appreciate it. :)

  2. Amazing styles!!! fastastic fashion show!!

    :) lovely your style


  3. You guys look so cool! I love the top you are wearing

    1. Thanks, Dora! I designed it myself. :)

  4. wow♥ you look gorgeous!:) great photos!:) I followed you on bloglovin and I liked your facebook page with my personal account (petra lorencov√°)♥ you can follow me back if you'd like;) hope we’ll keep in touch♥


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    1. Wow thanks, Petra! I will look into it. :)


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