Saturday, June 15, 2013

Forever young

I know, I know. This is another late post. Sorry, I've been busy these past months with school work and whatnots but I'm catching up with my backlogs now. Last May 16, I celebrated my 22nd birthday (hard to believe right?) with my family. Well I still feel like I'm 16 though. Haha! We had a simple dinner at home and we went to a mountain resort the following weekend. I didn't have any plans in mind so spending it with the family is the best thing that I could ever wish for. I guess that's what being mature is. (Yes, I'm starting to be one!) No more grand parties or shenanigans; just a simple gathering with my loved ones is enough for me. :)

But first, here's what I wore to our dinner...

As I was getting dressed that morning, I knew I wanted to wear this off-shoulder nude top for my special day. I felt extra girly in it! What perfect occasion to wear this pretty blouse than my birthday, right?

I paired my top with my fave floral shorts to keep up with the girly vibe. I initially planned to wear a skirt but I didn't want to be bothered with it because I knew that I'll be playing with my little cousins the whole afternoon. So shorts were my best option.

Kept my make-up very simple with liquid liner and a swipe of balm.

Floral shorts from a stall at the local mall (Bazaar)

Off-shoulder nude top from a stall at the local mall (Bazaar)

As you may have noticed, my hair's a bit different now. I just got bored with it so I went to the salon one random day and now I have ombre hair with pink ends! It used to be hot pink but it's fading now. Boooo. I'll talk more about my hair in another post. :)

Jewelry from a local accessories store (SNM)

I completed my outfit with my ever reliable brown thong sandals.

Forever 21 sandals

Here's a photo of me with my brother and cousins. We're incomplete because my sister wasn't home that time. Literally, it was a simple dinner. Everyone was dressed in their house clothes except for me. Haha!

I will share the photos from our mountain resort trip in a separate post. You may hype/vote this look on Lookbook and Chictopia!

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