Wednesday, June 12, 2013

FNO 2013

I know I had another post with the same title but that was a different event. So last February 2, 2013, our org (UP Modus) had its annual charity fashion show and I was given the opportunity to showcase my first ever collection at The Venue, The Avenue. I was very fortunate for having been able to open the show which was followed by my orgmates who are talented designers and stylists and Ms. Binky for the finale.

Here are some runway shots of my collection.


(c) Photos by Rafael Bacuteng

With fellow designer/blogger/lookbooker Rei Hontanar aka Coco Lagerfeld!

My collection was inspired by our school color (Maroon) with a combination of black, nude and mustard. I'm really into intricate cuts and details especially at the back so I fused them all together with the print on print trend which I'm starting to love. I used to be scared of pairing prints because it can look messy and distracting. I wasn't even quite sure at first if it was worth the risk but surprisingly, it turned out great!

With fellow lookbookers Coco, newcomer Tazjana and Marvoi.

A few weeks after the show, we had a photoshoot of my collection. Here are some of the best shots.

(c) Photos by Bon Antiquiera

Photos from the shoot were included in my designer portfolio for SoFA. More about that later. :)

Here's what I wore during the show.

Nude caged heels from Celine

Self-made floral backless dress

Jewelry from a local accessories store

Black sling bag from SM Department Store

This is one of my favorite dresses that I designed. Business in the front, party in the back so they say. The floral prints were a bonus. I found it while cloth-shopping for my collection and thought I might as well get it. Aside from my collection, my dress was also a huge hit that even some of my friends asked me if they can buy it from me right then and there. I had to say no but I promised I can create something similar for them. Haha.

P.S. My collection is for sale! For those who are interested, you may browse this album for more information. (Philippine residents only)

Take care everyone!


  1. Hi Em, I love the floral dress, you're a very talented designer. I just discovered this outfit today, and decided to feature it on fashion blog noi h. saf, in a post titled "Back Design" ... perfect, right? I know :) You can check out your feature at

    hope you like!
    Let me know what you think

    1. Hi, Noi h. SAF! I hope I spelled that right. Thank you so much! I'll cheek it out. :)


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