Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Life update

Hello everyone! As much as I'd like to blog everyday, I simply can't. I have a lot of school stuff to deal with plus a couple of non-academic activities. Anyway, here's a little update of me.

Remember Designlab from last year? Read my posts here, here and here. Well, I joined again! We had our 1st elimination last Sunday and fortunately, I made it to the top 5. The 2nd elimination will be on February 3. I will blog about it in a separate post but for now, here are photos from our rehearsal.

Our models

I also have an upcoming fashion show together with other designers featuring my 10-piece collection on February 2. My first ever! I know I'll be sooo busy because of these (and most probably I'll be a zombie) but I'm so excited! :)

That's all for this post! I have a couple more coming up. I'm catching up on a few backlogs while I'm finalizing the details for these shows. Wish me luck!

Take care everyone. :)

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