Sunday, December 30, 2012

Iloilo Designers Week S/S '13 | Day 3

So, I have major backlogs but I'm determined to finish my IDW entries ASAP. I've been busy preparing for It's Vintage Darling's newest collection and now it's finally here! I am so proud of it! All our hard work paid off. Thanks to Mela and Leanne for being great models and of course, Russel Mendez for being an awesome photographer!

Anyway, here's Day 3:

Set 1 (Visions and trends)

Red Tyller

Sheer and bright colors. I don't think I can ever wear the overly sheer dress (2nd from right) but I like how the branches were creatively patterned. :)

Ian Jorda

This collection is one of  my favorites from this set. I like how the sheer and sequins balanced each other. Plus the headpieces (visors?) added more oomph to the outfits. Perfect for spunky girls!

Franco Malay

Another sheer collection but this time with a hint of print. Also my favorite! Simple yet chic.

I love the uneven hem of the leftmost outfit below!

Aisha Penalosa

It's all about the shoulders! I love these structured pieces which gave a futuristic vibe.

Set 2 (Luxe Wear)

Mandy Salcedo

Colors and details. Lime green and purple were the main colors of the collection.

Grace Clavel

Ethereal. That's the only word to describe this collection. I love the earth tones that the designer used. It's fresh and very spring!

Carlo Simoy

Interesting silhouettes and colors. I especially love the colors of dresses in the photo below.

So I guess ombre is still a big trend for spring/summer. :)

Claire Jarantilla

This collection made me think of 50s prom! I like the length of the dresses. So vintage. :)

Set 3 (Grand allure)

Roy Sesbreno

Jewel tones. I like the intricate patterns and details of this collection. So glamorous.

Paul Conte

Lace and leather; Black and white. This has got to be my favorite for this set. I like the contrast between the daintiness and toughness of the lace and leather as well as the colors black and white.

Alex Soncio

This collection was different from the others because instead of models, real people graced the runway. Miss Dinagyang (leftmost photo) opened the show. It's all about the sparkle and frills!

Poli Abastillas

Lace and ruffles; Neutrals and blacks. Again with the contrast of opposites which I currently love. Need I say more? :)

(Photos without watermark are from Paul Frederick Chiongson. To see more of Day 3, click here. I had to borrow the photos because I didn't have any decent shots of the collections)

Day 3 off the runway photos blog entry is up next! Yes, I have 2 posts in a row to make up for my absence. Hihi.

Take care everyone. :)

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