Friday, October 19, 2012

White's Hot: Be the best that you can be

Don't you think the color white is hot? Technically, it's not a color but you get my drift. I love wearing white especially when I fuse other colors, prints and textures with it.

You may be wondering what's up with the title. Well, there's this contest going on and thought I'd join. Why not? I won't lose anything by joining, right? At least I tried but it wouldn't hurt if I do win. Will you help me out by voting if I do get in as a finalist? I will be very happy. :)

So the ultimate prize of this contest is the opportunity to style celebrity Solenn Heussaf for a spread in a fashion magazine plus Php30,000 in cash! All you need to do is create a fashion blog post based on the theme "White's Hot". This is perfect for fashion bloggers and aspiring stylists like me. Awesome! 

Now on to my outfit. I played with the colors white and nude and added a pop of print and textures which complemented the colors. Initially, I planned on wearing a white dress but I decided to be more adventurous with it.

I wore a glittery nude cardigan over my white ruffled top to have a bit of play in textures. This technique is great if you want to keep an outfit interesting but don't want it to overpower the rest of the outfit.

I wore a vintage gold collar necklace to add "oomph" on my neck area. I prefer this collar necklace because it doesn't cover much of my shirt, therefore, I can still show off the ruffle details on it.

These baroque/paisley print shorts complements the details on my shirt and the color of my cardigan. It's definitely a match made in heaven for me!

To make it cohesive, I wore this vintage gold bangle which is similar to the necklace.

The glittery sparkles of  my cardigan brings out the brightness of my white shirt more, don't you think?

Glittery nude cardigan and white ruffled top from It's Vintage Darling.

Baroque/paisley printed shorts from a stall at the local mall.

Vintage gold collar necklace, bangle and cocktail ring from SNM.

Nude caged heels from a stall at the local mall.

White doesn't have to be boring. Although I like the look of an all-white outfit, it's also fun to experiment and play with colors, textures and prints. With this, you can maximize your clothes by mixing and matching different things!

But going back to this post's title. I think white exudes happiness and by wearing white (and being happy), you can definitely be the best that you can be while staying chic and hot. Now who wouldn't want that? :)

Here are the mechanics on how to join the contest:

1) LIKE White's Hot on Facebook.
2) Upload your White's Hot blog post with the title "White's Hot:" to the "JOIN page" of the "White's Hot application" with your complete details.

For more details about the Fashion Face-Off Contest, log in to White's Hot official page (

Join now!

Btw, thank you Nadine for the information! :)

P.S. I would've shot these outdoors but I was alone when I went out. If you're also a blogger living in my area who has the same dilemma as me, would you mind if we take photos of each other? For those who are interested, send me a message! Haha I'm kidding! (Sort of) :)

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Till my next post. Take care everyone!


  1. Beautiful outfit!
    I love the shorts!

    xo Ally

  2. I love your printed short! I can be your photographer if you want.. =)

  3. I love your shiny nude cardigan especially your heels. You look really nice :)

    I FOLLOWED you in your blog right now. Would you mind following each other?:)

    -xoxo, FRANCES

    Have you joined my birthday giveaway yet? Click this link to get a colorful, floral bustier dress! Goodluck! :)

    1. Thanks Frances! Will check your blog and your giveaway. :)

  4. love your outfit! and blog- please check out mine, if you like to follow all love will be returned!

    1. Thank you! Gimme your link so I can check it out. :)

  5. You look beautiful!

  6. Your hair is so gorgeous.

    1. Aww thanks Lucia! I really appreciate it. ♥


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