Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oasap fall essentials + something personal

Hi everyone! Long time no post. I know I was supposed to post my haul but I think that could wait till the next, this one cannot. So I went crazy over the new arrivals section on Oasap. What's new? :)

Here are my top essentials for fall (or in my case, gloomy days here in our tropical country):


I'm currently obsessed with cape style coats! Very Blair Waldorf.  

I really like the cape effect of the shoulder details. You'd feel like you're a superhero when you wear this!

This piece is very classic. Definitely a must-have!

This piece has a bit of edginess. I love how the buttons are on one side. I also love the small detail on the other side (which somehow gives a military effect in my opinion) and also the neck line. How cool is that? :)


Sweaters are a fall staple since you can dress it up or down. It's comfy too!

This piece is very versatile. You can wear this in so many ways!

Now who doesn't like this pretty tiger? This sweater is so me! :)

I love the vibrant colors on this one. Fall doesn't only mean wearing drab and gloomy colors, you know. ;)


Yes, you can wear dresses during fall! Just wear some tights/leggings to keep your legs warm.

Long-sleeved dresses will keep you warm enough without compromising your style.

Floral is to spring as plaid is to fall. 'Nuff said. :)

I love how simple yet classy this dress is. The color literally screams fall.


These are perfect for layering under dresses, skirts, shorts and even long tops.

Green is now the new black for fall. I'm starting to love this color.

I love the contrast of colors on these pants! Just awesome.

Ahhh I will never get tired of galaxy prints. They're so eye-catching and fun!

Vintage Vertical Pattern Tights in black, gray, purple and white.

Patterned tights look great when paired with plain pieces. It would give a bit of texture to your overall look.


Pretty self-explanatory. Everyone must already have at least a pair.

High-cut boots are perfect for dresses. This piece in particular can be your go-to boots for fall since it can match with anything.

If you want to be a bit dressy, heeled ankle boots are perfect for you. Lace-up boots keep your casual and not over the top.

Flat ankle boots are perfect with tights/leggings. Since your footwear doesn't cover much of your legs, you get to show-off your tights/leggings more.

So I guess this will be my last post about Oasap. This is something personal but I wanted to share this with you. Oasap suspended me from the Fashion Hunter program since I wasn't able to update my blog for a long time. I feel bad because I know I had done everything that I was supposed to do that's why I'm sad when they told me about this. It sucks because I couldn't blog full time yet. If only I can, I'll be so much happy to do it. I did love Oasap but I'm not so sure if I'll visit their site after this. It's really disappointing. Well, I believe in the quote "When God closes a door, He opens a window". I just hope that someday, I'll have more opportunities. I don't just blog for the sake of sponsorships and such. I love blogging because I love fashion, beauty and all that stuff and I love writing about these things. I'll never stop because this is what I love to do.

I was a bit hesitant to publish this but I thought it over and there's really no point of doing it. I did love those products I mentioned regardless of being in the program or not. I won't be visiting their site after this just because I haven't gotten over it yet. I feel like my previous efforts weren't appreciated and were put to waste. Sorry for the little rant. Okay, enough of that. Moving on...

I am finally putting up my collective haul right after this post! Sorry for the lack of updates. I know I already explained my absence in my last post but yes, I'm still quite busy until now. I am a full-time student and our term is about to end so yes I have a lot of exams, papers, thesis and such but please bear with me. I will have more fashion posts coming up so stay tuned for that!

P.S. My other blogger friends and I will attend a couple of fashion events that I am so excited to blog about! Will post more details as soon as I can.

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Take care everyone! :)


  1. beautiful post!
    the cape coats are you pointed out, very blair!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Ikr? I miss Gossip Girl! Can't wait for the next season. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rose! Aww I missed reading your blog! I'll check it out. :)

  3. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

    1. Aww thanks Michelle! I really adore your style. Followed you on twitter, bloglovin, gfc and chictopia. :)

  4. these are really nice items on this post! nice! followed you. :)
    maybe check out my blog if you have a chance?

  5. heyyyy! i think i know what that fashion event issss! i was also invited but im afraid i cant come! weekday eh

    1. IDW? Yes! I'll come as a blogger but makadto man mga upod ko sa UP Modus kay models sila, not so sure lang if sila man sa prod. Also PFW! Can't waaait. Go ka na! :)


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