Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nail tutorial: Ombre nails

I love doing my nails. I wasn't really a fan of nail art but I recently developed a liking for it. Here's a post where I had (messy--sorry!) aztec nails and I couldn't resist not trying this new nail trend since it's so easy to do. Ombre nails have been all over the place and here's my take on it!

My inspiration:

(c) Google images

What you need:

Nail clippers (Optional)
Cotton balls
Q-tips/cotton swabs/cotton buds (I forgot to include it in the picture)
Nail polish remover
Base coat
Old sponge
Nail polishes of your choice (Use at least 2 colors preferably one in light shade and the other darker)
Top coat or clear nail polish
A plastic surface

I used Jessica Recovery Base Coat, Diffi nail polishes in light pink and coral and a clear nail polish for top coat.

What to do:

1) Start off with clean nails. Trim nails if necessary.

2) Prep your nails by applying base coat. Let dry.

3) Next, apply base color of your choice. Use the light shade for this.

4) On the plastic surface, place a small amount of each nail polishes. Using a toothpick, mix/combine the 2 colors only at the point where they meet to create a color gradient. Dab the sponge on the colors making sure not to ruin its gradient effect.  

5) Dab the sponge on the nail. Make sure that the dark color is only applied 2/3 of the nail. Focus the dark color from the tips going towards the middle.

6) Clean up excess using a Q-tip and nail polish remover.

7) Apply clear nail polish or top coat. Let dry.

8) And you're done! Here's the final product:

I had fun creating this! Now you may or may not use the colors that I used. You can even do 3 or 4 (at most) colors if you want to. Try experimenting with other colors like a dark and even darker shade or a light and even lighter shade. Just remember that to achieve the ombre effect there must be a fading or gradient of colors. There's also another way of doing ombre nails, maybe I'll have to do another tutorial for that. :) Let me know if you try this out. Leave me comments. Have fun! ;)

What do you think about this trend? Or this kind of post?

P.S. I have lots of exciting posts coming up. A possible giveaway perhaps? *hint hint! Stay tuned!

Take care everyone!


  1. Loving the look

    check out mine


  2. love it!!!
    gotta free some time to actually do my nails . . .

  3. Great post!!

    Love the nails <3


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