Saturday, August 18, 2012

I got hooked on Fashionspace!

What is Fashionspace?

Fashionspace is a social publishing platform which lets you create lookbooks or magazines at the same time discover new designers and fashion trends.

Here are 2 sets of looks that I recently created:

It's so easy and fun to do! Click here for a detailed explanation on how to create a look and here if you want to know how to create a magazine.

What are you waiting for? Read up on how the site works and be informed so you can fully enjoy it.

Visit now!

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Take care everyone!


  1. This looks very nice!
    I already have trouble keeping my blog up to date, so not smart to start with it wright now.
    But looks like much fun to try later.

  2. This looks interesting and by the way, there is a great DIY tutorial for those neon bracelets on Honestly...WTF. They are actually very easy to make :]

    1. Thanks, B! I'll definitely give it a try. Followed your blog via gfc and bloglovin. ♥


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