Sunday, July 22, 2012

Packing 101: How to pack light yet stay fashionable

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I am leaving for Manila (I will be there for a week), but my flight got cancelled and was moved on Monday. So because of my upcoming trip, I decided to add new segments on my blog called "Tips & Tricks" and "Shopping Diaries". This packing post is up first but I will have a shopping post as soon as I buy new stuff while I'm in Manila. Tell me what you think about these segments in the comments section. :)

Weather and climate

Be aware of the weather and climate of your travel destination and check weather forecasts for the week. This will help you determine your outfit choices as you pack.

Things to consider:

1) Be sure that your outfits are weather and climate appropriate. You don't want to freeze in the snow or melt in the sun, right?

2) Always bring a cover-up even if you're headed to a warm place. It gets cold in the airport and plane too.

3) Never leave without a sunscreen. You have to protect your skin always, no matter where you are and where you're headed.

4) Sunglasses are a must. Not only are they protecting your eyes but you'd look chic and cool too.

5) Scarves are a must; even a lightweight one would do. They're fashionable and functional. You can use them in the plane if you want to catch some zzzzz. 

The perfect luggage

This is the most important because it holds all your stuff while traveling. You must choose your luggage or suitcase properly.

Things to consider:

1) It must be sturdy enough to withstand the length of time that you'll use it, let alone the torture that it will experience carrying the weight of your stuff and the machines (or hands) that it will go through.

2) It shouldn't weigh a ton when it's empty, or else you will be burdened with overweight bag fees every time you travel. Not only that but you will also be stressing yourself carrying that heavy suitcase. You should relax while traveling (or on vacation), right?

3) It should have lots of compartments to keep it organized. You wouldn't want your things to get mixed up or else it will be a total chaos when you open it up.

4) It must be secured with locks. Losing your belongings is the scariest thing that will happen to you while traveling. How can you leave if you ever lose your passport?

5) It should be functional, yes, but fashionable too! There are lots of styles to choose from: printed, plastic, leather, and so on. Choose what fits you best.

Be practical and organized

Organization is key and small containers, pouches and plastic bags are your best friends. By doing this, it will save you time because you can easily find things.

Things to consider:

1) Be sure you know the sizes and amounts of liquid stuff that you're bringing. People at the airport will ask you to turn them over if it exceeds the amount of liquids to be brought especially if it's hand-carried (no more than 3oz. each I believe). Transfer them beforehand in small containers.

2) Pack your outfits per day in separate clear plastic bags or large ziplocs. This will help you get ready fast.

 3) Same goes with your jewelry (pack per category, separate the rings from necklaces and so on) and footwear.

4) Small pouches are also great for storing little trinkets or your small containers of liquid.

5) Bring a spare foldable, canvas or mesh bag. Who knows, you might probably need it in case your suitcase gets full.

Living in a suitcase

For most of us, being fashionable while having limited choices may seem impossible, but there are ways that make it possible. The clothes that you'll be bringing depends on your destination and the length of time that you'll be away. Remember, less is more. 

Things to consider:

1) The trick here is to "mix and match" items and make sure they are versatile so you'll have to bring less. The more items that work together in color scheme and style, the better.

2) Stick to colors and patterns that can be easily mixed, matched and layered.

3) Thin knits and light cottons don't weigh much.

4) Only bring comfortable and functional footwear but it wouldn't hurt to bring a pair of heels for unexpected events or parties.

5) Bold statement accessories makes your outfits pop. Pack a good amount of these so you can have more outfit options.

The basics

Pack smart and stay stylish. These clothing basics will keep you covered.

Your clothing basics:

1) Tank tops or tees - A couple of neutral, black or white and some bright ones. They are perfect for layering and can transition into day to night.

2) Dresses - Black works best and a convertible one would be better because it can give you multiple looks.  You may add more dresses in bold colors for more options.

3) Tunics - They are very versatile because it can be worn as a top, dress or skirt (if it's a tube one). Solid colors are great for mixing and matching with your bottoms.

4) Cardigans - Perfect for the cool summer nights or the freezing airplane. Plus, their lightweight too.

5) Basic pants or jeans - This can work for all occasions. You can either dress it up or down. Need I say more?

6) Tights or leggings - They can be worn under a dress or with a long top. The black ones are the most practical because you can easily wear them with a lot of pieces. They're easy to pack and don't weigh much.

7) Coat, jacket or blazer - It polishes your outfit instantly and is perfect for chilly nights when a cardigan won't do the trick.

8) Swimwear - Even if you're not headed to the beach, you may need it if you ever go to a spa, sauna or heated pool. It doesn't hurt to be prepared.

9) Shoes - You will need at least 3 pairs: dressy flats, flip-flops and heels. Black or neutral flats will work well with any outfit, plus they're easy to slip off when undergoing airport safety measures.Solid flip-flops are a must; you can wear them at the beach or indoors at the hotel. They're also a lifesaver when your feet gets tired and wearing flats don't help. Stick to black or neutral pumps or slingbacks having 3 inches or less. You wouldn't want to torture your feet more, don't you?

10) Bold statement accessories - These make or break your outfits. Your must-have accessories are sunglasses, a bag (shoulder bag or hand bag) big enough to fit your belongings, versatile belt, scarf and statement jewelry. Remember not to bring expensive jewelry or else you might lose them.

Your carry-on/tote bag

Your carry-on should hold your belongings that you will constantly need like wallet, make-up and such. You must not go overboard though, just bring the important stuff.

1) Passport, IDs, or any identification documents - These are very important especially if you're traveling to a foreign country.

2) A good book or magazine, Ipod or music player - Something to read on the plane or long bus or train rides to keep yourself busy or occupied.

3) Pen and notebook - Who knows, inspiration will come and you might feel the need to write something.

4) Travel make-up kit - Bring only the essentials. Liquids must not weigh more than 3oz. each. Better stick to powder, cream, mousse or stick form products when it comes to foundation or concealer. Keep everything in travel sizes like quads and small palettes for eye make-up and so on.

5) Gum - You might want to chew gum when the plane is about to take off to prevent your ears from popping. Don't forget to discard properly or better yet don't chew any if you're headed to Singapore or some other country that doesn't allow chewing of gum.

All images are from google

Keep these tips and tricks in mind and you'll surely have a fuss-free trip. Remember to keep it light yet stay fashionable. Most of all, just enjoy. :)

I hope this post helped you in your packing dilemmas. Happy traveling and stay safe!

P.S. My friend Nadine and I just finished a mini shoot. Not exactly a collaboration but we had fun helping each other out. I took her photos for her product review and she took mine as I dressed up (cosplayed?) as an animated character. Will post them soon. Now, I'm going to hit the books because I have a major exam tomorrow morning before I leave for Manila. Wish me luck!

Take care everyone!


  1. This is just what I needed! I'm leaving for holiday next week ;)

    Been reading your blog a lot recently, check mine out too if you have the time :)

    1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I followed you via gfc. :) Enjoy your trip and be safe! ♥

  2. Have a safe trip Em!! :) See you when you come back!

    1. See you! Will try to post more while I'm here hihi. :)

  3. checking the weather beforehand is definitely very important! ;) i bookmarked this post because i could definitely use a tip or two when it comes to packing. i hope you have a safe trip! :D

    <3, Mimi

    1. Hi Mimi! Oh wow thank you! I'm glad this post helped you a lot. I'll visit your blog. ;)

  4. Aww this is awesome! You should make a video about this, it'll be so cool ;3

    1. Thank you! I have a Youtube account but I don't think I'm ready for videos yet. Maybe in the future? :)

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