Sunday, April 1, 2012

Starships were meant to fly | Spring bloom contest [Chictopia x Free people x Color me nana]

I joined a design competition at a local mall here and fortunately, I made it to the top 6! This is the 2nd elimination (I'll post the first one in my next post). The theme was 'Baroque meets Utilitarian' -- total opposites! And it was menswear which I'm not very good at but I managed to pull it off, thank God.

Warning: Photo-heavy post


With the designers

My design. I kind of matched my outfit with it haha.

With one model, the make-up artist and host -- my friend Diana

With my friend, Tin

Supportive aunt

More models

Co-contestants. Wonderful designers!

Ever-supportive friends and designers as well

Self-made semi-sheer neon printed high-low/mullet dress, Black jacket from Maldita, Jeffrey Campbell inspired lace-up platform booties, Vintage accessories.

Hype? Fan? Comment? Pretty please?

Follow? Comment? Pretty pretty please?

I decided to enter this look to Chictopia's 'Spring bloom contest' together with Free people and blogger Color me nana! Please vote, favorite and share this to help me be a finalist. I will love you even more if you do!

Xoxo, Em 


  1. Wow, you made those designs? Awesome! You are so talented. Good luck with the competition! Wish you all the best.


    1. Hi Crengux! Not everything, just one. :) Thank you! ♥

    2. I also designed and made the dress that I was wearing hihi. :)

  2. Hi, thought your looks on lookbook where so nice, so was curious to see your blog. I really like it so I'm following you now.
    Hope to see you around.

    1. Hi, Nonna! Thank you! I followed your blog as well. ♥


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